NO TIME

Potential prospects are too busy to learn a new process or pursue another time consumptive project.

                                       NOT A SALESPERSON
Most potential prospects have little if any sales background and many are very uncomfortable with the sales (presentation/closing) process especially with friends and family.

                                    NOT COMPUTER LITERATE

Although most people under 35 have been raised in a computer/smart device era, many people remain uncomfortable with the modern technologies.

Our Instant Response Messaging System and Mentor Match-Up support completely solves the time issue. Our system requires no experience, no sales/presentation skills and no computer skills. If you have a few minutes per day, have the desire for additional income and are coachable and teachable, you can succeed with us.

                                 Website:  http://www.joinprovensuccess.com/mikej

WORK FROM HOME - Control your life and control what you earn, based on your hard work, not how long you have been at a job or what your title is or what someone else thinks you are worth.

Take a moment to view the below website for a complete view of one of our business opportunities and how we make our money.

                                 Website:  http://www.freedomathometeam.com/mjassociates77